The team at Adelaide’s LM Trade Supplies always listens to our customers and strives to to exceed our customers’ service expectations.

LM Trade Supplies aims to provide you with high quality service that is both enjoyable and memorable. We always welcome honest customer feedback so that we can continue to offer you the best possible experience.

Give the team at LM Trade Supplies a try, you won’t be disappointed!



For some of the best brands in trades, come and see the team at LM Trade Supplies. We stock some of the big name brands like Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Paslode and Max.

Because we follow up on our clients after they purchase, we have lots of feedback and real-life information about the tools we stock. By listening and learning from our customers, we’ve gathered all the useful information you could need before deciding on a purchase.

When you contact our store, we’ll ask you a few short questions, like “What is the exact nature of the job you are trying to do?” , “Are you using a hardwood or softwood?”, and “How often will you need to use the tool?”

We’re not trying to be nosy. We just care about meeting all your expectations and finding the best possible tool for the job. We want you to remember us for all the right reasons not for making your job harder than what it already might be.


The team at LM Trades Supplies also offer sales representative consultations and stock refill services to suit your individual requirements.

Let’s say you’re too busy to keep an eye on things like stock levels. We set up a coordinated approach to managing all your ongoing stock needs, as well as once-off extras. Your time is too precious to waste, so simply drop us a line and we’ll come out and work out a plan that makes sure you have the parts you need before you need them.

Tool Service & Repairs

When tools break down, it can be frustrating and costly for a business. LM Trade Supplies has a tool repair service that gets your tools back up and running fast so you can get back to work.

Get in contact with our team and we’ll come to collect the broken tool, take it away to our workshop and get it repaired. We’re not a mobile service who fix tools as best we can on the spot. We take them to a proper, well-equipped workshop and look after all the parts that your tool may need, then drop it back to you as quickly as possible to minimise down-time.

Same Day Delivery

Sometimes, you need a fast turn-around on your tool or product delivery. LM Trade Supplies offer a same day delivery service to your workshop or building site to make sure you have your purchases as soon as possible.

We will always endeavour to coordinate when it best suits you. If you need your tools or supplies there fast, just let us know, and we’ll do the rest.


In our industry, you need to be open to new ideas and products on the market. These new products are being designed and developed all the time to help you improve the work you’re doing, become more efficient, and save you money.

Sometimes being open to these new ideas necessitates a risky financial investment. To help our customers avoid this financial risk, we often arrange trials and demonstrations of our products. Our aim is to ensure that you are satisfied and confident before making your purchase. Let us know if you are interested in trialling one of our products, and we’ll make sure you’re happy that it will go on to exceed your expectations.